Neil is an experienced and outstanding dentist who ensures a calming and comfortable experience, attentively listening to your dental needs and concerns, to show you all the options that modern dentistry has to offer you. In 2024, Neil became a part of Smiles by Gurms, with the aim of empowering both new and existing patients from all walks of life, make the best choices for their teeth based on their dental goals.

He takes an extra interest in helping patients in replacing missing teeth, offering solutions such as cutting-edge dental implants. Additionally, he dedicates himself to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of teeth through procedures like teeth whitening and teeth straightening.

Neil’s journey in dentistry began with earning his dental degree from Leeds University in 2015. Subsequently, he gained valuable experience in general practice, spent a year in Northampton hospital’s Oral & Maxillofacial department, and another year in the Leeds Dental Hospital Restorative Dentistry Department. Constantly seeking to expand his knowledge and contribute to the field, Neil has actively pursued various courses and achieved additional qualifications across the UK. Notable among these are his Certificate in Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry, Postgraduate Certificate in Orthodontics, and Postgraduate Certificate in Implant Dentistry.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Neil embraces a fulfilling personal life; happily married to his lovely wife Anika, he has been a longstanding resident of Leicestershire. You can occasionally find him reading up on new technology, tackling DIY projects and more recently trying to bring his handicap down on the golf course.