Prepare to rediscover the new you … and allow your imagination to carry you to a joyful place by transforming your inner home and create a new you.

We believe each individual client has their own needs to create their perfect smile and have created a consultation process that will allow you to be in control of your smile journey.

We have an abundance of experience from our cosmetic dental experts who will carefully create your dream smile to meet with your expectations, leaving you a smile you can truly enjoy.

All of this is done within our Luxury clinic- adding pleasure and comfort to your life. We have used care and thought in all aspects of our clinic providing the ultimate experience.

The future of health is digital and we believe in leading at the forefront using digital technology to create an advanced journey with us

Our consultation process includes YOU – we want to know about you, why you have chosen to see us and how we can help

  1. Discussion about your previous dental health, your smile and what you would like to achieve
  2. Thorough examination of your face, mouth, jaws, gums and teeth. Take a digital X-ray or CT scan if required.
  3. We take various intra oral and extra oral clinical photographs along with a digital scan
  4. This is followed by a detailed discussion of the findings; explain the various options, time frames and costing’s.
  5. Finally, together we create a bespoke plan for your new smile and arrange your sequence of appointments.

Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to welcoming you.