With years of experience using various whitening systems, we offer the perfect solution giving the best results ensuring a brighter whiter smile.

To start this process, we must ensure your mouth is healthy and suitable for this treatment.

Once scanned, we provide you with bespoke whitening trays which are designed to be more precise and hence effective. The fit of these trays is imperative to gaining the best result.

Our kits come with varying solution strengths depending on your requirements and routine. We want to work with you, so our clinicians will help attain the information before prescribing the appropriate gel for you. Our methods have also minimised the most common complaint of sensitivity so that you can complete your treatment safely and comfortably.

We have created a video showing a step by step guide of how to use the whitening kit. As we have seen it’s not always possible to retain the instructions provided in the clinic so this video can be watched at your leisure.

Teeth whitening forms a vital part of creating a new smile and is one of the most common treatment requests at our clinic. This is why we take this aspect seriously, giving you time and as much information to achieve the best long term results.