Fixed Clear Braces – Quick Straight Teeth (QST)

All QuickStraightTeeth™ approved dentists only use 3M brackets. These have a proven track-record worldwide for their performance, beautiful aesthetics, and they are nearly invisible in the mouth. We also use tooth-coloured wires making our braces the most aesthetic when compared to similar systems.

QuickStraightTeeth™ is used to correct mild to complex misalignment of teeth, to give you a beautiful smile. The wires exert mild pressure to move the teeth, without the need for severe tightening which can cause the discomfort noted in conventional orthodontic treatment.

In some cases, patients either prefer having a fixed brace to avoid the required discipline of wearing aligners or their cases are such that they would benefit from a fixed brace system to achieve the best result.

Dr Gurms has been mentoring several dentists over the last few years and was asked to join the teaching team for QST. He has lectured with them across the country and helped teach hundreds of dentists.