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Whether you’re getting ready for an interview, bargaining for a raise, or attending a client meeting, you’ll want to look and perform your best. 

Whilst an impressive CV and a sharp outfit are essential in boosting your prospects, did you know that Invisalign could help boost your career success? 

In fact, research reveals that an attractive, healthy-looking smile makes for a good first impression towards employers and clients. 

And people who have a whiter and straighter set of teeth are frequently associated with positive traits such as happiness, intellect, good health, and confidence. 

That said, here are 4 surprising ways Invisalign can help your career.


1. Positive First Impressions

A smile is the most memorable feature when you first meet someone. 

And as much as we all try and follow the statement: “don’t judge a book by its cover”, reality is – we all do it unintentionally. 

But no matter what field you work in, be it marketing, pharmaceuticals, sales etc., your appearance matters, and teeth play an important role in how you look overall. 

However, it isn’t all just about aesthetics either. In the same way you wouldn’t attend a meeting or an interview unshowered, good oral hygiene shows you are conscientious, organised and considerate. 

So, a bright white smile, healthy gums and fresh breath will go a long way to make the right first impression.


2. Boost Self Confidence 

People who are confident attract success. You’re more easily able to command and influence people when you’re self-assured. 

When you have white and healthy teeth, it makes it so much easier to smile. 

Plus, if you feel comfortable in your appearance, you won’t attempt to hide your teeth while speaking, giving lectures, or public speaking. 

As such, Invisalign can make your smile look great from every angle and give you a boost in confidence you need to shine. 


3. Job Performance

Confidence is an essential component of successfully handling work difficulties, whether you’re addressing a team, tackling a new task, or resolving a creative problem. 

Smiles also have a positive impact on your mood. And you’ll have every reason to smile if you’ve got a fantastic grin! 

On the other hand, a healthy smile also means less sick days. For instance, poor oral care could result in gum disease, which prevents your immune system from operating at its peak performance. 


4. Overall Happiness

Our smile has a significant impact on many areas of our overall happiness and health, such as our careers and social life. 

And Invisalign can help make you feel more attractive, youthful, and happy. 

Because how you feel about your smile has an impact on your job performance, social interactions, and a variety of other elements of your life, it also has an impact on your general happiness.


The Bottom Line

Appearance is golden. There is a brightness that comes with a proper handshake and a pleasant smile; it shows off your confidence and makes your correspondents feel welcomed. 

There is nothing worth denying you of your place in the future -not even a rotten tooth.

That is what makes Invisalign so appealing: it can help you get back on track with confidence!


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