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We all know that smiling is a good thing. 

But many see smiling as a simple reaction to things that bring joy. 

After all, they do say: laughter is the medicine. 

Whilst this is definitely true, did you know that it has a lot of benefits for your mind and body?  

In this blog, we discuss some of the surprising facts about smiling. 

For example, did you know that smiling can help you live longer? Or that it can make you look more attractive? 

Keep reading to learn more!


1. Releases Endorphins

Endorphins are happy hormones that make us feel joy and warmth inside. 

And when you smile, your body releases these feel-good neurotransmitters which creates a party in your brain; lifting your mood, relieving stress and relaxing your body and soul.

When we smile, our facial muscles contract. This movement informs our brain that we are smiling, which is followed by the release of endorphins. 

And the facial-feedback hypothesis is a notion suggesting that our facial emotions not only tell others how we feel but also to ourselves.


2. Relieve Stress

You may have heard to refocus your breathing when you feel stressed, but this is easier said than done. 

However when you’re really happy, or even if you’re sad, smiling helps you to deal with stressful times.

As mentioned earlier, smiling tells your brain to release endorphins, but at the same time, it also signals the brain to release neuropeptides – proteins that help alleviate stress. 

So, next time you feel your heart rate starting to rise because of stress, try to focus on smiling: fake it til’ you make it or try watching something funny online!


3. Reduce Blood Pressure

When you feel stressed, you may notice your heart rate increases and as a result, your blood pressure rises. 

But just like smiling through a stressful situation helps you to relax, smiling can also help lower blood pressure. 

The reason being,  heart rate begins to rise when you first smile and laugh, then it relaxes the muscle and eventually lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. 

As a result, smiling isn’t simply an expression; it’s also an approach to enhance your general health.


4. Strengthen the Immune System

Smiling also has the ability to improve your overall health by helping your immune system function more effectively. 

When you smile, your immune system is thought to improve because you are more relaxed (as a result of the release of certain neurotransmitters). 

As such, smiling may be beneficial before and during the winter as well as the peak of flu and cold season, when you’re trying to maintain your general health or beef up your immune system.


5. Makes You Appear More Attractive

Naturally, people are drawn to people who smile, whereas negative facial expressions like frowns, work in the opposite manner. 

That said, by scowling and frowning you may end up pushing people away. 

On the other hand, smiling is more appealing, and people may even perceive you as having a more positive personality if you’re smiling.

In addition, smiling not only makes you more attractive, but it may also make you appear younger; the muscles we use to smile also lift the face. 

So instead of undergoing a face lift, use your face for what it’s worth – smiling throughout the day will make you appear younger and feel better!

Lastly, people who smile regularly are thought to be more confident, therefore more likely to be approached; next time you have a business meeting, crack a smile and you may find people react to you differently.


The Bottom Line

Of course, smiling isn’t always easy; especially when you’re overwhelmed with stress or you’ve just heard some bad news.

However, smiling can help to remind you to think positively and let go of the small stuff – even if it feels forced.

Regardless of if your smile is genuine or not, it still sends a feel-good signal to your brain and ultimately, the rest of your body.


For more information, please get in touch today.

In the meantime, take a look at our available dental treatments to give you the confidence to smile!


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